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if you hear a bleep i got too specific about someone else.

it's "about lesbian vampyres" xcept that's just the lie i'll tell people.


released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


from now to: hallelujah! Providence, Rhode Island


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Track Name: blood pact
Track Name: h/armed & ready
things have changed. i got my ears pierced.
i shaved my head once.
it was a bad day.
i look a lot more like how i might want one day want to.
i think you would like my new color pallette.
i saw a movie, made me think of you.
not for any particular reason, it just made me think of things that i want to say.
and still could.
but i act like you're dead just to keep me bed ridden for days.
mourning is easy but sleeping is hard
i know that you wouldn't ever cause me harm.
Track Name: slice sister
you break down on the side of the road where nobody goes anymore.
doing circles around town just to see how you get down
i miss you like no one's ever missed someone they didn't know.
comin' out now,
on the floor there is blood around your toes.
bloody nose,
i know it's not your blood, but where'd it come from?
Track Name: on my back
my favorite color is the way i know how to feel
it's not usually real but it's there.
it's my own.
my favorite color is blue like the sky.
kiss her while she dies
tell her that she got thunder thighs
you are too many miles to count away
i am aching for yesterday when you were still around
i burn my fingertips just to prove i know how it feels
to be capable of causing harm.
i jerked off with my arms to your arms around my sides.
i would make an excellent guy.
there's something bout being held that holds onto the past
it's live and die young and i'm dying fast.
Track Name: beatdown
Track Name: sin sister
are you hungry?
are you starving?
maybe that's just the cost of having a body?
are your brakelights kinda busted?
do you discuss it with your therapist?
i know i haven't spoke that much to you in so long
so instead i wrote a song about how it felt.
i know we talk enough about like giving in and eating you out
but i want you to know it really matters.
so the next time you're running around [redacted]
saying "i wish i was in hell"
i will be there to save the day.
i am magical, undebateably codependent on self-decay
Track Name: lbs
didn't eat much today
ate a fill at least
i swear i'm full, you'll see me later.
maybe it's not me.
maybe i shouldn't eat anything at all
i'll save it for seconds.
i wish i had reliable ways to cope
or it wouldn't make me choke to know i'm putting on pounds.
i could lose my mind but i could not lose this stomach
i could lose myself but i could not sever anything
let it b a rope, let it be accord
let it count once for what was once 'meant more'
Track Name: faggot girl
i fell in love with a dead girl
she had [redacted] carved into her thighs
brown eyes
white thighs
every hair had pulled out
every scary snowdown froze her stone cold
chipping ice, chop wood block
cloudy eyes.
dont stop
she came like the winter does
in between my hands she was
something newly born
something no wars
could halt the warning signs
before the storm.
Track Name: succ